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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Community

Alianza Latina was born from the need to have a group where all our communities were represented. Most countries have individual representatives and sometimes even several organizations that represent one country. The co-founders Ana Omana, Juan Giarrizio, Leity Rodríguez Largo, Dr. Dante Sanchez, and Edgar Ramirez wanted to explore the possibility of grouping / having all the communities together under the same ideology "to serve our people".



Our Story

The idea came in 2020 with a coalition to educate latinos about voter registration. Initially Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico and Dominican Republic  joined this coalition. Later Puerto Rico and Peru joined. Once our community had to endure the difficult times during the pandemic and we lost Dr. Dante to Covid-19, we dealt with the aftermath of the pandemic the best way we could. Immediately started the campaign for education regarding the vaccine.  We realized together we can do more and then in 2021 it was time to help small business to recover from the challeges of post pandemic. Ana in her role came up the the Latin America Vive in Philadelphia then named in english as Latin America Thrives in Philadelphia project. 


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Our Team

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